Allow actions/conditions to be rearranged when editing Automations

Sometimes one update should happen before another or you realize another condition should be checked first, so having the ability to rearrange rather than duplicate, change, save, delete would be great.

After you’ve created an automation, there is no easy way to reorder actions. e.g. I have an automation which creates 13 Sub actions. I want to add a new one at position 9, but the only way to do this are to duplicate the automation and add an additional sub action to the bottom, or to duplicate the automation add an additional sub action and then go into each sub action, copy the text and move it to the sub action below one by one.

There should be an easier way to rearrange actions, in a similar way they are shown when they appear on the Board, with drag handles within the Create Automations view.

Yes!!! Please get this added ASAP…one of the great powers of Monday is the automation…one of the greatest weaknesses is the lack of ability to order those automations.

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This is a must! Currently you have to completely rebuild an automation. I have a checklist built with 21 sub-items that are created via an automation. I want to a new task at the very beginning of this checklist and now need to rebuilt this from scratch. This would be a game changer.

Yeah. Unbelievable that it is not possible…