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Hello, it would be nice the option to be able to modify an automation when “edit automation” is selected, being able to take out some of the actions from the automation recipe or add new ones, without the need to do all over a new automation from the beginning to include the new modifications.

For example if I have an automation that when a status changes, somebody is assigned… and later on I see that also would be nice add to the same automation to set the date of assignment to today, that the new action could be added editing the original recipe, instead of adding a separated automation or redoing the original over again to include the additional action.

Yes!! If when you select edit automation you can have the same options to add or delete as you do when you originally created the automation it would be very helpful. I have to re make the automation when I forget something. While creating an automation is pretty painless, it still is burdensome to have to try and rebuild exactly what I built before with one minor tweak.

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I completely agree. This is one feature that would make this a lot more friendly. The one workaround that I wanted to share, if you click the 3-dots on the automation, you can select duplicate, and it will let you modify as if it were new. That is less painful than creating from scratch. Hopefully the Edit option gets added soon.


I agree. This is very puzzling for a new user.

I agree. Editing an automation is very limited, it only lets you change the column / value selections but you cannot restructure the automation at all. It’s been very frequent that I have to rebuild the automation as a new creation, then delete the old one, just to add a condition or add one 1 more action.
Ideally the edit screen should look exactly like the create screen, where you can add and remove lines.

This would be so helpful. I currently in the middle of testing monday to see if it would be right for us and I’m pretty tired of recreated automations over and over and over

Small tip: when you duplicate a custom automation you can edit it from the start (restructuring it etc). Save it and delete the one you wanted to modify.

Easy as that :slight_smile:

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Thanks ramsinator and basdebruin, for sharing the tip about the duplication. It seems as a helpful workaround while team will develop/improve the automation recipes edition.


It would be really nice if I could completely edit existing custom automations.
For example, add another “then” like I could on creation.

I really hope I don’t missed it completely, and this already is a possibility. :sweat_smile:

Hi Tazz. I’ll +1 on this.

We can’t add more conditions or actions to an existing custom automation without deleting it and rebuilding from scratch. Talk about effiency…


Agreed - it doesn’t make sense to not be able to edit.

I don’t know how seriously Monday is taking this. But from my perspective as an administrator, there is no bigger barrier to my ability to move quickly to ensure user satisfaction and buy-in. Work OS needs a proper editor, otherwise we will end up with stagnation.


It is technically correct that you cannot currently edit custom automations. Here is a workaround that is almost as good: Quick Tip - The Trick to Editing Custom Automations - YouTube

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Yeah, I worked that out and it does help in some cases. But you can’t change a trigger or insert an action, which often has me starting completely over. Come to think of it, if they would enhance the current “maker” to give better visibility of what you are doing, allow for moving things around, and changing the trigger, your method would be entirely acceptable. Come to think of it, I’ve had to start over several times because I can’t see what I’ve created so far or I realize I missed step three and I’m now on step twenty-one and there’s no way to go back and insert. Maybe I’m asking for the wrong thing.


I wouldn’t say you’re asking for the wrong thing… monday has been quiet lately about new features… I’m looking forward to see what’s coming. Maybe this is part of it.

All good. I buckled down today and rewrote four automations with more than 25 actions each. These rolled up what I’ve learned the last few weeks so hopefully won’t have to touch them again soon. Now watch them release a awesome editor next week :crazy_face:

By the way, you seem to be a leader here so i want to ask: Given the sheer number of users Monday enjoys, I’m surprised this community isn’t a LOT more active than it is. Am I missing something?


No idea. My perception is that most people come to get an answer, get it (or not) and don’t come back until they have another question.

Understandable, but I feel I get more from a platform when I work to contribute as well as get the help I need. I’m a bit lopsided now at the beginning but I hope to even that out as I learn. Monday is a awesome product with huge potential. It would be great fun to make a contribution in that direction.


That’s why I’m still here. I too believe in paying forward.

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