A More Robust Automation Noting/Add Description

Hi there! I have a lot of automations on one board. I believe the Automation Description “Add Description” option is really great, but I am confident it could be improved! In my ideal world we would be able to have a ‘Title’ box as well as a ‘Description Box’. The title box would be at the top left, and I imagine the description box as something we could click on and a long text box shows up.

With so many automations and their functions being different, I want my team to be able to review what each automation does in detail at a glance (without having to go into the automation itself.

P.S. Some additional feedback is that the current text box is a little touchy- I have to be careful to only click on it once if I want to edit it. If I don’t and click on it more than once, the automation recipe opens up for edits.

I think there’s a lot of room for improvement here too. Even with the Description field, you only get to see about 32 characters before it cuts the rest off. As you can see in the screenshot, the entire redline area is wasted space because of the premature truncation. I think tagging, folders, and groups would all be useful additions to organizing automations.

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In addition you can’t use the mouse to position the cursor in the text string because it instead opens the automation for editing.