Backup/Export of Automations

is there anyway for us to “backup/export” our automations to excel or a plain text file. We have a very large amount of automations (over 300) and would really like to have them documented via an export process.


We currently have 14 boards, all of which all have Automations. One of our boards has 32 Automations!

It would be nice to be able to export to Excel, Word or some other format those Automation dialogs as a preview of the message rather than have to click on edit to see the contents. (see attached).
It can also be difficult to determine what has been selected for notifications when you see something like {pulse.status0} instead of Priority.

We rely heavily on automations to keep our team experiencing click burnout and this would go a long way to allowing refinement and updating of the automations we use.

HI @Phill! I love this idea, we are working with our team to implement a solution to add a note or label automations to give more detail into what each one is for - still working on how that will play out on the platform but it is a goal of ours within the next couple of iterations to start figuring out. Stay tuned for this!

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Thank you! It would be greatly appreciated :grin:


I am in a very similar situation, less boards (6), but some of these boards have 53 automates.
It can easily happen that there is a conflict between some automates, and due to the way the automates are displayed, it is very tricky, if not almost impossible, to find and solve the conflict.
Alongside to this, a possibility to export the automates to Excel (or csv) would also be a great add-on when we need to implement the same automates across various boards (maybe an import system could be added in the same time).

Currently I try to keep an excel file up-to-date with the automates, but it is not really easy, moreover when multiple users (owners) can add new automates.

I share an example of the Excel I am maintaining (this one only includes 25 automates, but gives an idea


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Hey! I have the same issue! Are there any updates?

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