Duplicate/Clone Automations within Board

When setting up a new board - or editing an existing board - I often have many automations that are similar with one element that is different. For instance, I have a board that has 10+ status columns. I want a Team to be notified when any of the Statuses is changed to “Stuck”. As of right now, I have to start from scratch on each which can be time-consuming and boringly repetitive.

Ideally, I would be able to hover on an automation and select a clone or duplicate icon that resides in the area around the “Edit Automation” and “Delete Automation” icons . This would open a new automation formula that contains the cloned automation. The “Add To Board” button would be greyed out until at least one criterion was changed.

(This kind of functionality was mentioned before, though not in Feature Requests: Duplicate Automations)

Hi @daniellephillips.atl! Yes, we love this idea. Our automations team is aware of this need and looking to implement this soon into our automations store. Stay on the lookout for improvements here! Cheers!


@lauraglev Glad to hear it! Thanks for the update. Excited for what is to come!