Duplicate the automation recipe

It takes time and effort to make the right automation recipe, and many times the same automation recipe is repeated with slightly different changes such as changing the notification message or the person to be notified. Since there is no duplication option, you have to repeat the same recipe many times, depends on your work flow.
I believe adding a new option to duplicate the recipe will make the automation work easier and safe time !

Completely agree. I’d love to see a duplication option, or better still an automation centre that includes saved recipes.


This will save me tons of time.


Hey all!

Thanks for writing in with your feedback around being able to duplicate automation recipes that you’ve set up on a board. I can definitely hear where you’re coming from and I’ve gone ahead and passed this feedback to our Autopilot Team for their review and consideration!

I’d love to advocate for this on my behalf as this would be really powerful feature that could benefit many teams and organizations using our platform!


This could be implemented either by being able to duplicate any existing automation and/or being able to create “template” automations if certain automations are frequently the basis for new automations. Likewise, it would be useful to have the ability to be able to organize and sort existing automations (e.g. by date created, type of automation, etc). While this is an extension of this suggestion, I would suggest that all of these types of functionality would fall under the rubrik “Automation management”.