Duplicate Automations

Is there a way to Duplicate an Automation? I have several Automations that are very similar. Maybe just one of the criteria is different. Sometimes it takes a while to drill down to the specific Automation in the Automation Center.

It would be nice to be able to make a copy of one, change the one criteria and then save it.

The other option would be to have a “Favorites” category for Automations, for us that use the same Automation over and over (and across other Boards).


Hey Doug,

We currently don’t have the option to duplicate automations within a board. This might be added in the future but I don’t have an exact ETA for it. The only time an automation will duplicate is if you duplicate the board (doesn’t work yet for cross board automations).

I love your idea about the “favorites”! :slight_smile:
I am passing this feedback to our product team so they can review it!

Let us know if you have any more questions!


This would help SO much! Also the following related to the functionality of automations - would help!
When double checking all automations are set-up, it’s hard to find anything in the massive scrolling list!
1 - allow sorting within the board automations pop-up - this would allow us to see groups of our automations that start with the same text in order of the text used - allowing us to see all of the same types of automations together AS WELL AS all of the same types of automations for the same column together.
2 - allow searching within the board automations pop-up within board automations - because we do not have a way to search, if we could use some key words (like the wonderful search ON the board), it would make our quality check more efficient, as well as make it easier to do the tedious re-creation of multiple automations we can’t otherwise copy or "favorite"