Board duplication not duplicating automations

Hi all,

I’ve set up a board with a bunch of automations for moving items between groups and sending emails to customers but when I duplicate that board, none of the automations are being carried across to the copy. Does anyone know why this might be?


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Exact same issue here - When i duplicate, automations do not carry over - Also when making a board from a template the Automations are not coming through either

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I have the same issue. Everything, including the automations, would duplicate when I would duplicate a board. As of yesterday, none of the automations are duplicating and on about half of my boards the automations spontaneously disappeared. Kinda sucks

Just for reference, the automations are stock dependency automations based off the timeline columns for main and subitems.

Hi @scunningham - all automations and integrations (depending on install type) should be carried over when boards are duplicated or created via template. I would recommend reaching out to monday support: as this sounds like a bug.


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So after investigation the reason Dependency automations no longer carry over is because they have been de-commissioned in favor of the new Dependency columns recently launched - So its not an issue, just look up the new guidance in the knowledge base

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That makes sense. The new dependencies are awesome btw! :smiley: