Duplicate integrations when duplicating a board

I’ve noticed that when I’m duplicating a board that already has some automations & integrations set up, only the automations get duplicated and integrations need to be done all over again.
Is there a way to duplicate those too?

Thanks for help!

I’m having the same issue as above. :point_up: Really hoping integrations can be carried over if you’re duplicating a board.


At the moment there is no way to duplicate integrations across boards and we’re only able to do so with limited automations. This is because integrations are mapped directly to the Board ID of the board to which they belong to and when a board is duplicated, the Board ID changes.

I will communicate this to our developers to see if supporting the ability to duplicate integrations across boards is something we may be able to implement in the future.

Thanks. Even if before duplicating you had to toggl what integrations were carried over.

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I think that the integrations and automations that can not be immediately activated could be copied, turned off and flagged as requiring edits before allowing them to be turned on. For us, this would make the use of templates significantly more useful.


I would love this too - templates are kind of useless if they don’t duplicate integrations. We use templates to create several boards per day for each new project checklist and it’s a major pain that we can’t make use of the integrations feature. It’s pretty much the whole reason we signed up to Monday in the first place.