Duplicate integrations when duplicating a board


Are you duplicating a board or creating a new one using a template?

@JCorrell We have done both methods.


It appears that you are not the only one having an issue with this at the moment.

I know that monday is changing the duplication process. In mid-September monday made a change where they all of a sudden copied the webwooks over to the duplicated board. Because the duplication process also call the subscribe endpoint (in case of custom triggers) and this endpoint creates the webhooks itself you ended up with two webhooks for each type. I worked intensively with support and it was finally solved this weekend. It looks like you are experiencing a side-effect from this fix.

I would contact appsupport@monday.com with this one.


Thanks for the info @basdebruin Do you know if they will enable it again? Is there any other way to keep webhooks activate when duplicating boards? Thanks for your help!

hi @ofuks001

I think the only one that can answer that question is monday.com

Hi everyone!

Follow up information on this issue. I currently have seen that Integrations that I have created (that are for the item and subitem level) are copying over well! It keeps the recipes when I duplicate or use the board as a template. However, when I have a colleague (who is not the integration creator) duplicate or use the template, it doesn’t copy over properly on the item or subitem level.

This just leaves a HUGE bottleneck for me to have to create each board.