Email Automations Don't Duplicate When the Board Duplicates

I’m trying to duplicate templated Monday boards I have created with automations built in but when I duplicate the boards, the automations that notify people via email do not transfer over.

Also, it won’t let me create an automation template (it errors out) to use on duplicated boards.

Does anyone know why these automations don’t duplicate with the board?


Same question for me.


I am running into same issue. I have a templated board for project managers and am now having to rebuild 10 automations on each PM’s board to ensure it works correctly.


I have had the same problem for all templates since we started using about 18 months ago. The same applies to any custom automations including notify by slack .
…I just came here looking to see if there were any recent updates… :cry:

Support, it would be great if there was a fix for this - one of the main reasons to make a “template” is that custom automations with emails or slack notifications are fiddly to reproduce (and hard to remember which ones you’ve copied over and which ones you haven’t yet). Please help us!


This is a huge issue on our side too!

I am having the same issue. We use a template board to manage a shared project board for each of our clients. Rewriting the all the automations 200 times is incredibly tedious.