Automations not copied from template?

I made a template meant to be populated by a public form. I created an automation that when a submission meets certain criteria, to send an email.

When I created a new board based on this template, the automation is not copied over. I.e. the specific board has no automations. Is that the intended behavior?

Hi @horosam - automations should be carried along when a board is created from a template. Sometimes, if there are apps included (Gmail, Outlook, etc) they need to be re-authorized but the automation should still appear.

You may want to contact to dig deeper into this one as its not intended behavior.


Hello @horosam ,

Indeed you should contact monday support if the issue persists, as automations should carry over from a template.

I have had this happen some times to me, if the template is not manually created but from an automation. You should also refresh and wait for a couple of seconds to see if that might resolve the problem.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

This is happening to me, too. I have a particular board that when I duplicate it or make it a template, none of the automations come with it.