Automations not working properly when new board is created from template

I created a template board for my coworker and I to use for projects that we work together closely on with automations set to notify me when certain tasks of hers are completed. When I create a new board from the template, everything works fine. However, we she creates a new board from the template, none of the automated notifications work. What might be the cause for this?

Hey @misti4marketing,

Are these notifications attached to specific integrations, i.e. Gmail or Outlook? Or are these simply notification automations you are receiving within the platform?

Moreso, are the automations being deactivated or simply not working?

I did want to mention that the following recipes aren’t supported when templating/duplicating boards in case this might explain the issue:

  • Automation recipes that include item mapping will not duplicate
  • Cross-board automation recipes will not duplicate
  • Custom recipes

Let me know how you go!