Duplicating an entire Workspace, keeping all Boards & Automations

Hey community (& devs!),

Feature request here: we need to be able to duplicate more than one board at the same time, keeping the automations in tact between the boards.

My guess is that the easiest way would be to either be allowed to “group” boards together and be able to copy the group of boards, or – as workspaces basically do that already – be able to duplicate an entire workspace with all of its contents, allowing the boards to keep their automations between each other.

Use Case:
We’ve got a workspace with about 10 boards in it that map out a really complex workflow that we know we’ll have to reproduce for the next project in the future.

If we copy each board it breaks the automations - or keeps the automations associated with the old group of boards. This means we would have to reconfigure the cross-board automations on each board every time we need to duplicate this workflow.

The reason we have 10 boards is that we have 1 board for each person on the team so they’re not sifting through data from a gazillion groups - we tried that approach and it was nigh impossible to figure out where we were with each project. Now that we have separate boards for each person their tasks just pop up on their dedicated board, and they only need to go to one place to figure out if they have to do something.

The reason I’m asking for how to replicate a group of boards and/or a workspace is because we have a ton of automations that push/copy tasks from one board to another based on Status changes. It will take us a lot of time to recreate all of the automations between the new set of boards each time we want to replicate our workflow among these boards.

Ultimately I’m trying to avoid having to reprogram all of the automations on all 10 boards every time we need to reuse this workflow.



Yes! I was just trying to figure out how to do the same thing… I have a couple boards that I use for all my clients that run the same automations and it’s a pain to have to rebuild each automation for each new client. If we could duplicate the workspace or make a workspace template, it would be SO much easier.

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Upvote, upvote, upvote. Please.

Hey guys,

I am told that we have had 3 recent customers who all needed to duplicate a set of boards, docs and dashboard on a status value change.

I believe this feature request might answer that very need.

Keep the good work
Laurent, web developer
Synolia, platinum partner

Commenting to raise the need on this. Please, please tell us it’s on your roadmap for improvements.

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Really surprised I had to scroll this far down and nobody said it, but pack it as an app!

You can create an app and package an entire workspace (with cross board automations intact!) and even add it as a template to your account.

All integrations will remain on the board but will need to be initialized


Are you saying we can already do this today?

Yup, i’ve done it many times
here’s a releveant page on the topic :

here’s a short explanation

click on the bottom left, then developers , create app, create feature and then workspace templates

you should then be able to choose a workspace to make into an “app”, which can be added to the board template center and then you can recreate it as many times as you want, same as using any other monday template.

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Dear @onlinepilatesclasses would you be so king to let us know if the solution propossed by
@RonTuretzky works for you?

I don’t know if I can test it since I’m transitioning between companies and do not have access to my enterprise account no more and I am putting together a demo for my new company to get enterprise licensing going for monday.com

Hi, @Topio Javier - Nice to see you around the community! It’s been a while since we chatted. I’d be happy to go over how to use the workspace template app feature during a short call if you like. I can also can assist with any Enterprise demo needs you have. Set up a time for us to chat here: Book Polished Geek: more with monday.com

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Not sure I understand. Is this currently available? How is it accessed?
Thanks, David

I did this method and it works for the most part but some things don’t work. For example, folders you create in the template don’t get created in the duplicated workspace. Also, shareable boards get converted back to main boards. If I recall, dashboards don’t get duplicated either.


@sgharibian, I was just looking into this exact example. Packaging workspaces as apps works great, but it would be even better if the folder structure & board/dashboard/doc types were carried through too.

Take a look at this!

Yea, folders get flattened.

Dashboards do get duplicated & retain their connections. I did exprience a bug with this that was fixed by repacking the workspace again but I can confirm it does work.

Do docs not get carried over?

Docs get carried over, but their designation as private, main, or shareable doesn’t. Same thing with boards and dashboards.

Gotcha. I think this feature is built on top of or is similar to the cross account copier in the sense it requires everything to be public. shrug

Adding in an additional vote for a more streamlined version of this. After reading through the thread, I do appreciate that it is possible to do using app/templating for the workspace, but if it ends up breaking the structure of that workspace in the process then it’s just creating a newer set of problem.

Work Flow in my case for wanting this involves having a workspace dedicated to a specific project/team, but based on the same structure and formatting as others in the company for if/when people move between teams to make onboarding that much quicker. We have a variety of different boards and dashboards with their own integrations and automations in each cloned workspace, and ideally, there would just be a way to simply ‘duplicate’ a workspace in the same way that there is to duplicate a board or item. I’d want it to keep all of the current structures, item types, and automations intact and together by default… but if there were different tiers similar to duplicating items or boards (duplicate structure only, duplicate with items and updates, duplicate with automations and integrations, etc.)… and then all that would be needed would be to share the space out, set correct board owners, and invite the appropriate team members as a new project is ramped up; that would be best from this user’s standpoint.