Duplicating an entire Workspace, keeping all Boards & Automations

Hey community (& devs!),

Feature request here: we need to be able to duplicate more than one board at the same time, keeping the automations in tact between the boards.

My guess is that the easiest way would be to either be allowed to “group” boards together and be able to copy the group of boards, or – as workspaces basically do that already – be able to duplicate an entire workspace with all of its contents, allowing the boards to keep their automations between each other.

Use Case:
We’ve got a workspace with about 10 boards in it that map out a really complex workflow that we know we’ll have to reproduce for the next project in the future.

If we copy each board it breaks the automations - or keeps the automations associated with the old group of boards. This means we would have to reconfigure the cross-board automations on each board every time we need to duplicate this workflow.

The reason we have 10 boards is that we have 1 board for each person on the team so they’re not sifting through data from a gazillion groups - we tried that approach and it was nigh impossible to figure out where we were with each project. Now that we have separate boards for each person their tasks just pop up on their dedicated board, and they only need to go to one place to figure out if they have to do something.

The reason I’m asking for how to replicate a group of boards and/or a workspace is because we have a ton of automations that push/copy tasks from one board to another based on Status changes. It will take us a lot of time to recreate all of the automations between the new set of boards each time we want to replicate our workflow among these boards.

Ultimately I’m trying to avoid having to reprogram all of the automations on all 10 boards every time we need to reuse this workflow.



Yes! I was just trying to figure out how to do the same thing… I have a couple boards that I use for all my clients that run the same automations and it’s a pain to have to rebuild each automation for each new client. If we could duplicate the workspace or make a workspace template, it would be SO much easier.

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Hey guys,

I am told that we have had 3 recent customers who all needed to duplicate a set of boards, docs and dashboard on a status value change.

I believe this feature request might answer that very need.

Keep the good work
Laurent, web developer
Synolia, platinum partner

Commenting to raise the need on this. Please, please tell us it’s on your roadmap for improvements.

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Really surprised I had to scroll this far down and nobody said it, but pack it as an app!

You can create an app and package an entire workspace (with cross board automations intact!) and even add it as a template to your account.

All integrations will remain on the board but will need to be initialized

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Are you saying we can already do this today?