Duplicating Dashboards and Workspaces


New user here and I’ve already run into some inefficiencies that are caused by the lack of two features. 1. Workspace duplication. I’ve seen this talked about a bit and it appears there is a way to do this if you’re a developer. However, for those of us who are not, it would be awesome to have a way to easily duplicate a workspace, just like I can duplicate a board. Building workspaces of a dozen boards by duplicating then moving boards from one workspace to another (or by using templates) takes some time. Being able to simply duplicate that workspace would be a quick solution to this.

The second feature I’d love to see is being able to create a template for dashboards. For my purposes, this would sort of be unnecessary once the workspace duplication feature is live but would help me to increase inefficiency in my current manual workspace duplication process.

Any near future outlook on either of these??