Give option to set or unset whether a workspace is the "Home" workspace

Our company started a workspace with dozens of boards, automations, folders and workdocs. It so happened that this was our first use of Monday, so not realizing all of these resources would be put into a “Home” workspace has left us with a workspace that is accessible to all users on our account (“Home” workspaces are visible to all). We would like to simply unassign this workspace from the “Home” designation without having to create an entirely new workspace (which would require that we duplicate every resource manually).

There is a post for a feature request that is somewhat related to this: Duplicating an entire Workspace, keeping all Boards & Automations
which could also potentially solve our problem.

Hi @EBashkoff
We are in the same situation. Did you find a solution for that problem?
If so, please let me know how.

Hi Marnus-

No, I am afraid we are still in the same place we were in December with this. It did not pay to recreate the entire workspace, so we have left it as-is. Not ideal, but I have not heard anything on this from the Monday team.

Have a good day!


I just figured out a solution, Had no joy with Monday’s team.

I created a New Workspace and then created a folder in the Home workspace and dragged all my boards in the home workspace to this folder. Then I move the folder to the new Workspace. That way I cleaned my home workspace.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi Marnus-

Thank you for that solution! However, we have multiple custom integrations and views attached to the boards in this workspace. These integrations depend on board and folder IDs which I am afraid might change if I did what you are suggesting. I suppose I could set up a test workspace and try it, but to be honest we have over 100 boards and several folders in that workspace and I am afraid that something might break. It really is not worth the risk, so all I can do is to hope that Monday someday gives us the option of designating an arbitrary “Home” workspace from an existing one.