How do I change the "main workspace"?

I have searched and cannot find an answer. How do I change the “main” workspace in Monday?

Hey @aprileblair unfortunately I don’t believe its possible to change the main workspace.
The only way to ‘quasi-accomplish’ this is to create a new workspace - move all the boards you dont want in main workspace there. Then move all the boards/dashboards from the desired workspace into the main workspace and rename it.

a little manual, but not the worst workaround, and luckily the url of the boards still stays the same even with this workaround.

Hope that helps!

Hi @aprileblair :wave:

As @timlittletech mentioned, the Main Workspace cannot be changed within the platform.
By default, this will be the first workspace available when you open your account.
This is to make sure that all users have access to at least one workspace, so that they can collaborate within the platform.

That said, as mentioned in the previous post, you can make an additional workspace and move any boards you’d like to the new workspace so that they aren’t in your main workspace anymore.
You can read more about the Workspaces here: The Workspaces

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile: