Can i change the default board or default workspace?


i deleted a board (First board ) on my workspace, however whenever when i click home or the load again the site it is giving me a prompt “the board has been deleted” i am thinking if this is just a bug. what i did is completely delete it by removing in the recycle bin. but i had the same problem. can we change the default board that will load every time i open on browser (also in Teams). or maybe change the default workspace if its possible. or just completely remove the prompt that a board is deleted. we just started using it and trying to see if its good to use with our team and we will introduce it also on other team… its not actually affecting the task that we are doing but its a bit annoying to see everytime we open it there is that prompt…

or maybe can we change the main workspace?

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To my knowledge there isn’t a way to specify your starting screen from within monday. However, what you can do is go to the board, or workspace, or whatever and bookmark/favorite (depending on how you are accessing monday) that screen and use that to initiate your sessions. Even if you are not signed in this will take you there once you have.

Jim - The Monday Man

Thank you so much Jim for your response,

i also did that yesterday, unfortunately it is still giving me the same issue.



In that case, my suggestion (what I would do) would be to contact monday support @

Hi, just wanted to check if there was a way to change which workspace is the main workspace? I know we can do favourites, but our main workspace was the first one we created. We dont want to delete this workspace, but we want to make another workspace the main one.

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Totally agree with you perhaps @avirampm avirampm has a reply to this?

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also having this issues - is there any update from support?

Currently, unfortunately no.