Feature Request : Option to Configure a Default Board or Workspace when you login

an option to configure the default board or workspace when you login to your monday.com account
this would be a useful feature

Hey @Guruprasad_Shenoy!

This is dependent on what plan you’re on but if you’re on our Enterprise plan, the Admin has the ability to set a default dashboard when logging into your account:

I recognise this isn’t the same for all plans so take this suggestion on board :+1:

Hi @BiancaT ,

the above mentioned configuration is only valid for dashboards , i was looking for an option to set bords as default

Understood @Guruprasad_Shenoy, I have passed your feedback to our team! I thought I’d mention this alternative incase it worked for you in the meantime :pray:

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sure, Thank you for the alternative option @BiancaT

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If you use monday.com on a browser you can bookmark the requested board.

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