Duplicating an entire Workspace, keeping all Boards & Automations

Yeah, exactly. Ours is recreated every time we get a new client. So it’s a lot of work to re-automate, etc.

Yes I have been using the method of creating an app, for a long time but reported to monday that all the connected columns of the new workspace remain conected to the template board. Yo have to go manually disconnecting column by column. And you have to do it from the new workspace but also from the template workspace, and eventhough sometimes they still stay connected and it is an absolut data disaster. I reported this last year but still remains the same.

It will also be usefull that folders structure also is included in the new workspace.

wait, I don’t understand, you don’t want the connections to be retained?

I want the connections to be mantained within the new workspace but what happends is that it mantaince also the connections with the space work used as template.

Another issue. When duplicating the type of board is not the same. I have them shareable and they become public. I would like it to be the same type of board as in the template.

Yes, we need this too. Thanks!

We would highly appreciate this feature too. Currently I duplicate every board, and then have to move them individually to another workspace.

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@cloonie It pains me to see that this was requested 2 years ago and nobody from Monday replied.
We need to be able to copy a whole workspace as a template. It makes no sense to have to recreate structures and links and folders and individual boards everytime we create a new project.
Please increase the priority on this.

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We faced the same problem, impossible to duplicate a workspace.
But it is possible to duplicate a board and move it.
Really a pity

Hi same form me.

There is an a new feature called “Save a workspace as model” (it was released I do not know when this summer as I never saw it was communicated on the annoucements that Monday sends).
The process for click on the 3 dots on the right of the workspace and then set it as a new model.

The only problem : it does not duplicated all of them but only part of them, and you cannot choose which ones
It looks like Monday is working on it right now.
For example yesterday it was not possible to duplicate a workspace of more that 10 boards, docs, dashboards.

I managed to duplicated 9 boards from the previous workspace. The workaround is then to duplicate the rest of them one by one.


In my account it is called Add (or in the screenshot below) Remove from templates

I don’t know if all automations / integrations are copied across.

In my experience of today I noticed that not all automations were copied.
For example the automations : create an item in another board and connect the two boards where not copied => the reson why is that monday restricts the save workspace as a model to 9 boards or dashboards ordocs.
I confirm that the integration with outlook is copied.

My account is in French so wording is different

The actual limitation to duplicate an entire workspace is 500 elements. Too bad !!

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So what is the best way to duplicate an entire workspace without losing boards, automations or connections?

Good news! This feature has now been developed and released. You are now able to duplicate an entire workspace! We have added the ability to save a workspace as a template - up to 10 left pane elements and 500 items. The team is also planning to continue to add improvements to streamline the experience.

Thank you for being part of our development process! We really value your feedback so check out our new feature request process and keep voting and sharing your ideas with us! All you need to know about our new Feature Request process

I don’t find HOW to use this feature. We are new users, and I want to duplicate a practice Workspace created by my paralegal so I can experiment with feature ideas without messing up her work–but all I am finding is a way to add a new workspace, not a way to duplicate the workspace. We have the Standard plan.