Automations - download list of all

Hi everyone,

I have almost 60 automations across two boards. About to add several more to our other boards. I need to write the business rules for usage of our boards and other info that no one ever bothers to read or consult ( :slight_smile: ) Is there someway I can download a list of all automations either in our instance of or by board?



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The one way that I have been able to do this is to use a third party screen capture tool.

Using Techsmith’s Snagit, you can capture the contents of the board automations’ scrolling window.

This will give you a screen image of that window which you could then mark up and place into some working document alongside other screen captures.

Hope that helps.


Hi @AlexisN! Great question - one way is what @snicho suggested. If you were looking to use these automations across multiple boards, you can turn your board into a template to transfer over your automation recipes (with exception of crossboard and any mapping ones). I’d be happy to pass this feedback onward to our team as we work to improve all the great things you can do with automations! Cheers!


thanks Steve. Much appreciated.