Automation UI Improvements

My company uses a lot of automations (love them!), but that often makes it hard to find and understand automations after the fact. Two user interface features would make a big difference for our team:

  1. Being able to “group” automations (e.g. into folders). We don’t need anything fancy. For example, I’d love to group all my notification automations together. As another example, I often use multiple automations in concert. Grouping those together so I can remember which automations depend on each other would be a huge boon.

  2. Allowing longer “names” for automations. Currently, the names are truncated after the ~20-30 character mark. Most of my automations need longer names, but I have to hover my mouse over the truncated name to see the full one. When I’m searching for an automation, this makes it really slow.

Looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts on this!

Hey Benjamin :wave:

Thanks for your feature requests - I certainly hear where you’re coming from and believe our community will too!

In relation to your first request, we do have an existing feature request in the forum that we encourage you to add your vote too → Grouping automations / Creating folders in board automations.

Great, thanks for the response! I’ve just voted there :slight_smile: