Allow more flexible consumption-based pricing

We price DocuGen based on the monthly document consumption. For example, if the customer wants to generate up to 250 docs /month, they can sign up to our Basic Plan. 500 docs? Standard Plan. Etc.

The issue we are facing is that we need to create a new ‘plan’ for every consumption quota. We now have on the marketplace nine different plans: there is no difference between them except for the monthly quota. As we grow and customers ask us for larger quotas, we find that we need to create new plans with new quotas. This is unworkable on the long run: too many plans are confusing to the customer and become harder to manage for us.

What we would love to see is the ability to display just three or four plans, and give the user the ability to select the consumption level regardless of plan. For example, the user can select the Basic plan with either 100, 250, or 500 documents. Or select Standard plan with 500, 750, or 1,000 documents. This way we can limit the number of plans to something reasonable (3 to 4) and we’re able to differentiate plans based on features rather than consumption levels.

This is very common with other consumption-based SaaS apps, such Zapier,, Mailchimp, and many others.

How can support us with this pricing structure?


the pricing structure needs indeed more flexibility.
A ot of apps that does price per X are currently forced to either have ridiculous amount of plans or continue to do third party monetization.
We do price per user for our Time reporting app and feel that we still do not have a good enough monday monetization option to move away from Stripe.

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Hi @samicaracand and @Thomas-Omnitas,

Thanks so much for your insights. I definitely understand how so many plans can become problematic over time. While we don’t offer anything to this extent yet (as I’m sure you’re aware), I did pass your feedback along to the marketplace team! :pray:

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I agree with @samicaracand and @Thomas-Omnitas.
In General Caster we offer plans which include a limited amount of operations per month.
When a client reaches the monthly limit, he usually upgrades to a higher plan paying a pro-rata amount, based on the days left in the current subscription.
The problem is that, as the client has consumed all ops available in the current period, monday shouldn’t charge of a pro-rata amount, but a full price.

I think that a way to communicate from our side to monday the current usage stats (available/consumed ops) and how an upgrade is handled (full charge, pro-rata, plan restarts…) would be really useful.
In addition this data could be displayed directly by monday, like the automations in the Account Usage page.

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I guess that new plans are bound to new pricing versions.
And that’s definitely a problem.
An active subscriber can’t upgrade to a new plan.

1 Like Monetization is so fraught with limitations (and absurdities like this one above) that it just makes it so much harder for us to use it, let alone promote it. I still get over 75% of new subscriptions through FastSpring, our beloved payment gateway. In other words, 3 out of every 4 customers would rather use a third-party payment gateway instead of’s own.

IMHO Monetization should be rebuilt from the ground up with input from app developers. I never got asked my feedback on the Monetization after it went live over a year ago. For all I know, this is being built using guesses and assumptions rather than input from customers (us, developers).

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback!

I have shared this with the team. We will do all we can to gradually implement useful changes to how monetization works based on what you (developers) and our shared users share with us.


Hi Sami,

We reviewed your recent post regarding the exchange between you and our App Review staff.

We removed your post because it goes against our Community Guidelines on respectful discourse.

We encourage negative and positive feedback, but do keep these guidelines in mind as you navigate the community.

We appreciate your feedback and do want to hear more, so a member of the team will reach out to make sure your input is considered by the monetization team.

Thank you

Hey all,

Thanks for raising the request and feedback around consumption-based monetization model. We’ll look into it and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Have a great one!


Moved this into our feature request section to follow the new process for logging and voting!

More info on the process here

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Very big +1 from the DocuGen team!

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