Developers Feature Requests new process!

Hey, community!

We’re committed to improving our attention to you and ensuring your needs are heard and reflected on our roadmap. While we have been attentive, we acknowledge that our current process lacks organization and smoothness. So, let us introduce you to our updated Feature Request (FR) process:

Where can you submit a feature request for the team?

You can do so in the community section through this link.
There, you’ll find a dedicated space to write and explain your request. You can also vote for other feature requests suggested by fellow developers.

What should you include in a feature request?

To help us and other users understand your request, please structure it as follows:

  1. Summary: Provide a concise overview of your request.
  2. The problem: Clearly explain the issue or challenge you’re facing.
  3. The use case: Describe how this feature will address the problem at hand.
  4. The suggestion: Present your proposed solution or feature idea.
  5. Additional details: Feel free to include any supplementary information.

What will we do with your FRs?

Every quarter, we review the most voted feature requests in our teams. As a result of this review process, we will provide updated status notifications to the community. These tags will indicate if a request is being added to our roadmap and the expected release timeline.

What do we need from you for this process to work?

  • First and foremost, :loudspeaker: please vote! :loudspeaker:Your votes help us gauge the importance and priority of different requests.
  • Lastly, please make sure to follow the suggested structure and provide as much information as possible in your feature requests. This ensures clarity and helps us better understand your needs.

What else should you know?

While we aspire to review every feature request, please note that it will not be possible every quarter due to volume. This is why we encourage the use of the voting system.

What’s in it for you?

By actively participating in this process, you can make a tangible difference and influence our roadmap. We want your feedback to have an even bigger impact.

Here are some recent requests from the community that made it onto our roadmap:

:rocket: Hosting your app on monday code
:white_check_mark: Webhook authentication
:fire: Improved monday tunnel
:star_struck: API methods for getting app installation info
:sunglasses: Quicker pagination with next_items_page
:partying_face: Sorting items by creation or update date

Thank you for being an integral part of our community. We’re excited to hear your ideas and work towards enhancing our product together! :heart: