Feedback: Make it easier to submit

Most apps allow feedback (problem/feature) from the app without having to log in and search. That makes it easier for developers, not for the 100-1000x more users than developers. Instead, take all feedback easily from Monday, allow, but don’t force, categorization, and then use extremely simple AI to pre-match existing requests, and humans to validate/connect like requests. I work in feedback for an app that receives ~10 million feedback a year for ~200 areas and thousands of issues. This process works.

adding friction to submitting feedback = terrible. Just to sign-up to enter this comment, i got a 404 error using the send a link rather than password option. Then once finally signed-up, i had to navigate back to this post. Maximum clicks. The product is such a POS that I still felt the need to chug through the process just to tell you that your product is awful. Consider researching patterns from productivity suites that do the job well. Also consider investing in some UX researchers.