Monday Support Processes

I have a general question about Monday support - first off, I love how responsive support it - they are quick to respond and follow up until an issue is resolved. However, I do have a question providing support access to our boards. Every time I submit a support request there is a box that states:

“I give permission for developers to perform a one-time login to my account, if this is necessary to solve a technical issue or bug I’m experiencing.”

I always check that box, but support always let’s me know “Due to privacy reasons, we don’t have access to view your boards, workspace nor account” - and I frequently need to go back and forth for a few emails and sometimes over a few days to provide support with all of the screenshots or videos of the board to answer questions that the support person could quickly see if they could view our boards or login as me.

I understand that some organizations may have confidential data or not want support to have access, but in our case we would love it if they could have that access - it would save both us and them a lot of time in identifying and solving issues.

I reached out to support about the issue, but that didn’t go very far.

Has anyone else experienced issues? Monday - is there any consideration to allowing accounts give permission for support to better help us solve our issues?

I haven’t experienced this myself as I haven’t needed this level of support, however there is often a principle of least privilege in devising and applying security paradigms within an organization.

That is, support likely does not have the required permission to access that information. Certainly, even in the wording, it says that developers may perform a one-time login. What I take that to mean is that you would need to have a technical issue escalated sufficiently to involve engineering resources rather than support resources to make use of that function.

Thanks @riosd, I appreciate that perspective and this makes sense why it may be set up this way and perhaps it needs to be this way for everyone. That said, in our case we don’t have sensitive information and it would be great if we could opt out of that policy to make things easier for both us and support.