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Hi all,

I have been using for several months. Among other things, I implement the it in my company.
However, it is hard for me to say that I am satisfied with the support I receive - I identify many bugs (about one a week), ones that may eliminate all use of the tool. When I turn to support I get an answer with useless, not practical (but polite and nice) answers. Am I the only one who encounters this? How can it be that there are so many bugs for basic capabilities that essentially disrupt the use of the tool?
I have a hard time promoting the implementation due to such bugs.

We are considering moving to a enterprise plan, I would like to know - can enterprise customers share how the support they receive for bugs? Is the answer more professional and practical?
Have you had similar cases?
I feel like many features released unmatured.

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Hi, @omer.innoviz - I would really like to chat with you about the experience you’re having, the particular bugs you are running into, and also discuss how Enterprise may improve your use of the platform. I will message you or you can reach me directly at

Not a very helpful answer. Please give us a link to either:

  • a bug tracking system
  • clear instructions on how to report bugs another way


Hi @Morriz - You can easily open a support request from inside the monday app - Screen Recording 2021-03-21... shows where. Or you can write to

I am having the same issue. I really love SO MUCH of Monday but I just found a Time Tracking Widget bug and have been going back and forth for TWO WEEKS with no real answer from Support. They are nice but they do not fully answer questions or seem to fully understand that if I cannot see a summary of time tracked then I cannot pay people.

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Do you have an update with respect to Google calendar syncing issues?

Hi all. I was recently experiencing critical issues with files over the last week or so. We have an enterprise plan, and my experience with the support and development team was amazing. Even though it took a little bit for all of the issues to get resolved, they were very helpful in providing updates, passing information to the devs, and following up with me to check and see if the fixes were working on my end. I find that sharing screen recordings with them, especially with the developer console open, really helps them better understand what the issue is in ways that can sometimes get lost from emails alone. Overall, I would rate the support team 9/10 based on my recent experiences. The only thing that I feel would make getting support better, is for the support or dev team to schedule a call to discuss more complex issues instead of playing a bit of messenger back and forth between the different groups. All in all though, the team does a great job. :slightly_smiling_face:

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