I am Admin: Keep getting requests for Access to Task Boards

I am Admin: Keep getting requests for Access to different Task Boards. When I go in to grant access I find that “Task Board” board has been deleted

Not sure what is happening here.

I want to make sure my team can do what they are seeking to do on Monday.com as we are early days and I am already having a hard time with platform adoption. I want to make sure their experience is easy. Any advice as to what is happening here and how I can streamline my team’s access to these “task boards”?

Hey Emily,

Thanks for raising this for us - this sounds a little strange!

Are you able to share a screenshot (or even better, screen-recording - you can use loom.com) of the notification you’re receiving and the steps you’re taking to grant access?

Additionally, are these different types of boards users are requesting access to, that are all appearing as deleted?

To ensure team members have access (as long as the information in the boards isn’t confidential), you can ensure the board type is a main board as this will allow anyone in your monday.com access, alternatively if you need these boards to be invite-only, be sure to invite the relevant team members to the boards, otherwise they will not be able to access.

This keeps occurring for myself as well, I cannot access automations or integrations without requesting admin access. I am the admin so the request comes to my email, very annoying to do if I want to get into automations or integrations.

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