Board that I can't seem to remove

Hello, we had a new board come up on our workspace that no one created, that can’t be deleted for some reason. Does anyone know how to remove this unwanted board? Screenshot attached for reference.

Thanks kindly for any answers :slight_smile:

If you’re an admin you can make yourself an owner of the board I suspect then you may be able to delete it.

Hey @davejquietvox,

Can you please confirm if you’re working out of one of our monday products? I.e. monday dev, sales CRM, etc?

You can check here:

Screen Shot 2023-12-18 at 3.03.26 pm

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Hi Bianca, monday work management

I’m the admin, however it doesn’t let me take ownership of it or delete it

Monday product (such as work management) can have boards / columns that can’t be deleted as they are an integral part of the solution. I guess that is what you are seeing here.

This may be some sort of a bug where someones “private tasks” board got spilled over somehow? I’m just speculating here.

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yes i did think that, however I’ve gone to other users computers and they dont have this random board. its bizarre

Then possibly its your own My Tasks board?

I initially thought that as well, but nope. It’s not any of the 3 users own my tasks

Weird. You didn’t by chance remove a user recently?

I do have a My Tasks with the same structure, which is private, and only I am added to it. This is also the board that shows up as my private tasks in the mobile app.

This is definitely a “My Tasks” board that is somehow stray. I’d reach out to support, since it appears its appearance and configuration is a bug. and contact them.

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Hi Dave - did you find a solution to this? the same thing is happening to me and my team. I have about 7 new “my task” boards that I can not get rid of and no one knows how they are populating.

@BiancaT I saw you had responded above and I can confirm I’m using work management.

Hi everyone - thank you for your patience with me!

I can confirm we recently experienced a bug with My Tasks board, causing them to be created randomly without being able to delete them. This bug has now been resolved :pray: I apologise for the inconvenience caused here!

Please let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue!

Still cant delete board what is the solution?

The My Tasks feature is being removed from (it won’t be making it to a full release it seems).

My expectation is when its removed the boards will disappear.