How do you delete boards created from Monday’s templates?

How do I delete boards that were created when choosing to use one of the Monday templates? When you click the button to the side of the board name, “Delete” is grayed out. I am also running into this same issue if I create a board from a board template I have created.

Hi @Borderc21 - try setting yourself as an Owner of the board. You should be able to delete it after.


So it appears that I am the owner but the delete is still grayed out.


Any resolution here? Dealing with a few boards I created for testing and now I can’t get rid of them. I’ve removed all data from these boards and they don’t have any automations or integrations or any visible tie to anything else in Monday.

Hoping for an update - I’m having the same issue. I can’t delete the template boards. I am admin, board owner, and there are no integrations or automations.

You can archive template boards by setting yourself as the board owner, moving it into a folder then deleting the folder.
It’s still not deleted but at least it doesn’t clutter the workspace anymore.