Members deleting boards created by an automation

We have a number of boards that are created by automations. The issue is, anyone who creates a board using them is not set as the person who created the board. The automation add me as the “Created by” person.

Is there a way to change, so the member creating the board - via the automation, is able to delete a board.

Hey Mike! Currently, there is not a function that will subscribe the person triggering the automation as the board owner.

As a workaround, you can have the automation assign multiple board owners. However this will be static, where whichever users you select would be subscribed as owners every time. With this though, as owners, they would be able to delete the board.

@MikeElks @malia.monday

Hey there just jumping in here, because I do believe this is actually possible using Monday Workflows:

You can use Get item data to create a board and then select an Owner based on an assignee of a previous item.