Is there a way to override the boards that monday will not let you delete?

The accidentally added a 2nd “Deals” board and I am unable to delete it.

Hey @joeparini ! Are you the board owner? In order to the delete the board, you will need to be granted board ownership or own the board. If you’re still unable to, please send over a screenshot so I can take a look :slight_smile:

I have a follow-up to this: what if the board owner has left the company? How can we delete a person permanently from our list of person options, and how do we delete their old boards?

Hey @MeghanPM!

Check out this article here, Changing board ownership. If you’re the admin, you’re able to transfer board ownership from a deactivated user via your admin settings :slight_smile:

As for actually permanently deleting the user, you will need to first deactivate the user and then delete them. To do so, please refer to this article, How to manage users on your account :pray:

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