Changing board owners


I am very new to I am the account admin and created a bunch of boards based on departments. Since I created them, I am listed as owner. However, I want to change each board owner to be the head of each department. (i.e the head of IT is Bob and I want to make him the owner of the IT board). I’m not finding a way to manually change the board owner except if I want to change ALL of my boards to one other person. I’m really hoping there is way to do this!


I have figured out how to change board ownership by inviting others to the board and making one or more of them an owner. Kind of non-intuitive if you ask me.

Hey @HAP,

We appreciate your feedback regarding changing board owners, and will certainly take this on board. That said, as you have encountered, to change board owners you will need to invite the specific member to the board, and ensure you have toggled the crown (next to their name) to blue, to indicate board ownership.


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