Change tasks from one owner to another on mass rather than individuallly


We have had someone change role and need to change ownership of their tasks from them to someone else.

They are in a support function so don’t own boards but have tasks within a board.

Is there a function in Monday to do this on mass rather change individually on each task?

I found the change board ownership in the admin section but assume this is just for boards and not task level?


Hello @richpeers,

If the tasks are within a single board, you can use the batch actions functionality in monday to update values for multiple items.

If they are either in a single board or across multiple boards, there isn’t a native monday functionality that I know of. Luckily, you can use the Toolkit app Find and Replace functionality to find and replace users or teams.

Thanks @kolaai I have been going board by board and using the filter option to select the owner we want to change and then changing the owner that way but this means going through each board and we currently have 400 boards and will be up to 1500 by the end of our implementation

This Toolkit app looks useful il get a trial and have a place



Great. If you have any questions, you can always react out at

Thanks I’ve just tried your app and the column we need to change isn’t a Monday specific one so don’t think your app will fix our issue.

Hello @richpeers,

Could you throw more light on what you meant by that, the column isn’t a monday specific one?

I want to change the person in our line manager board but this column doesn’t appear in toolkit?


Hello @richpeers,

From your screenshot, I think you are looking at the wrong app. The Toolkit comprises of multiple apps.
For your use case, you need to use the “Find & Replace” app. Select the app in the Apps sidebar as shown in the previously attached image by clicking on the icon at the top left hand corner.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks when you have the trial it blocks out the option to select the tab so didnt realise there was other apps.Worked on my trial doing a mass change now…fingers crossed

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Hello @richpeers,
Thanks for pointing that out. The app will be updated to accommodate that.

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You can quickly do this type of mass change with something like

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Thanks I need to spend time looking at make once we done our initial implementation