One of my employee retired. I need to give ALL their *TASKS* to the replacement employee

I understand I can migrate ‘ownership’ of boards and automations. But I have hundreds of TASKS (line items with the PERSON field) assigned to someone who has left. I just want to replace all those person fields (which are scattered over dozens of different boards) to a new person. The new person will have the same email (eg. but the field looks at the persons name and not the email… anyone figure this out, without having to manually go into each board and replace? I can’t be the only one with this issue!!! TIA!

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Hi @jpeirce - If you are an admin, you can change the name of a monday user account. Go to Admin > Users and find that account. Click on the avatar and then at the very top above their name and avatar there is a button to edit. You can set their name to the new employee and viola. Be sure to click Finish/Save to confirm the change.

Your situation is easy since they are keeping the same email address. :slight_smile: Just be aware that old tasks and comments made by the past employee will now show up with the news employee name.

wow. I actually did hit the edit button, but then never hit the name (ouch). Thanks so much, I will implement ASAP!!!

Won’t you lose the history of all the task the former employee completed? Or can you make this change for just the open tasks?

That’s a great solution for this case…but is there a way to reassign tasks in bulk to a different person? For example, if an employee’s role changes and I need to reassign that person’s responsibilities to a new hire.


Great question. Wondering the same.


I invite you to try our application that allows the massive change of items from one user to another, even filtering by boards or all the boards where that user is.

User Substitution App


I’ll check it out, thank you!

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