Deleting users possible implications (automations and board ownership)

Hi all,

I wondered if anybody knew any possible implications to deleting a user from our Monday workspace? I will be leaving my current job at the end of June and along with a colleague (the admin) has set-up the majority of the automations and boards. If my account is eventually deleted after I leave will the automations I made or am involved in become invalid?

Many thanks

You can do this under Avatar-Users-Automations Ownership.
There you can transfer ownership of automations to someone else.
I have not done this myself, so anybody knowing better should correct me if I´m wrong.
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Hi @Matt264 - As a partner providing professional services, we often have to transition automations and ownership in monday․com to a client once we’ve finished our work. To add on to what Thomas mentioned:

  1. Use the Admin section to transfer Board Ownership for all boards you own to your replacement.

  2. Use the Admin section to transfer all Automations to a new user (note that the new user should be a board owner first on any boards involved to avoid problems with the transfer or with permissions later).

  3. Remember that if you have connected any external services under your account (Zapier, Integromat, a general company email account, etc.) those will not transfer. You will need to have the replacement user reconnect them. API keys are tied to your account, so you’ll need to update those as well.

We often recommend using a paid seat as a general “Automation Bot” admin account, which avoids tying these types of features to a particular employee. With your departure it may be a good time to transition to that type of setup.

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