Automations for deactivated user

I have a user I would like to deactivate. I know this user is an owner of many boards, member of many boards, and owner of many automations. If I transfer ownership and transfer automations.

I understand that then new user will be owner of the boards owned, and therefore automations of the new user will be valid and continue to work.

If the original user is only a member of the board, and the user I have transferred to is NOT a member of that board but is now the owner of the automations, will the automations still work?

Would I get any warnings that the new user has an automation on a board on which they are not a member?

Hey @LeeSand!

I’ve followed up with our product team on this and will circle back as soon as I hear back :pray:

Hey @LeeSand - just an update!

When transferring automation ownership, all automations will transfer across all board types. That said, if the new user doesn’t have access to the shareable or private boards - the automations will fail and be disabled on it’s first run. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

It will only fail on the first run and then work on subsequent runs, or permanently fail and be disabled?

Hey @LeeSand - the automation will remain disabled until the new user is given access to the shareable or private board. Let me know if you need further info!