Please Stop Asking Users For Ratings

I appreciate fully that feedback is vital from users but as a partner we sell our clients Monday and their relationship is with us. They pay us and we purchase monday as part of the overall service we provide. That being the case we ask them for feedback regularly ourselves.

It’s frustrating when users are asked to rate monday out of 10, then I see it triggers automated messaging between monday and our clients asking them about how they are using monday and what features they like best ( Also some of the automated emails users get after signing up talks about admin level things like how to setup boards, configure automations etc.

As the admin on all of our accounts I’d personally be happy to share the feedback we receive of course, but we would much prefer if our users were not contacted directly, as they’re only in the system to make basic updates and contributions.

It would be really helpful if things like this only popped up to admins on the account. So maybe if you’re looking to find out about use cases, ask admins… if you want to check users are happy with their overall experience, just ask for a rating only. At the moment you’ve combined the two.

The monday 2.0 Work OS messaging on the side menu this week also led to questions from our clients but that’s again content which would only be relevant for an admin level user.

Not criticism, only feedback. We love the platform, but as partners we’d love it if your communication was more with us than with the users directly.

:smiley: YES!!! Thank you for bringing this up.

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Fully right! For us as a education insititution there shouldn’t be communication acts (especially no marketing), that is not lead from us (since users will adress us for any communication about monday).

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i thin pk that there shoul be a community for resselers, partners with direct contact to monday sales, not just @IdanP . I have to make a purchase for a client and have to wait for an email for couple days. I know Idan is busy, that is why we should setup a board for better and faster communication, exchanging experience to boost sales.