Introducing the new community!

We are excited to be launching out new community. We divided and renamed some categories to try to make the forum more useful for our community. We built this community as a place for all our customers to communicate with each other, to share the amazing ways you are using the platform and to learn best practices and cool tips and tricks from one another. The team will moderate the community, post updates on new features, and share details of upcoming events!

Now, Let’s get you familiar with the community layout. On our home page you will see the main categories:

  • Product Discussions - This is the place for you to learn and discuss anything related to our platform. From an expert to beginners this is the place for platform information! In this category you will also see two categories - one for our beginner users and an another for our more experienced users. In addition to these, we also have a community special for our CRM customers!
  • Announcements - This is where the team will post announcements, new feature releases, and the latest platform news! Get involved in the discussion and let us know what you think of what’s new.
  • Feature Request - This is a place for users to tell us exactly what they want from the platform. Each quarter we will provide a status update on the top feature requests, so vote to be heard!
  • Events - This is a calendar view that will allow you to see all the great events that are relevant for our community.

Have a look around and let us know what you think!

Please note that as we continue to made edits and small changes, things may continue to feel a little different, but it will be worth it!


What is the best place for bug reports and UX feedback?

I just came here from the “help” button in monday and this links - which does not exist (anymore)

Hey Peter!

If you’re interested in sharing feedback or a feature request about the platform please do so via the start a discussion button and select the feature request category:

As for community feedback, you’re welcome to share your feedback as a comment on this post :pray:

It is an improvement.

Please have a look how it is done at

That one is by far the best implementation of Discours I have ever seen. They are the 10! is at 6 I am sorry to say. But again the recent changes are indeed a big improvement!