Launching our user "Design Partners" initiative!

Hey everyone!

We’re working on establishing a small group of user “Design Partners” for our CRM workflows. The idea is to show new CRM features to a few experienced and highly engaged users using for this use case before releasing them to a broader audience. Joining this group means we expect you to provide feedback on:

  • The ease of use of the feature

  • What do you love and hate about the feature

  • Where you would like to see improvements

  • The “look and feel” of the feature

  • If this effectively solves any of your current gaps in the platform.

With this feedback, we can make improvements to features before launching them.

To join, please fill in this link, and we will get back to you!


Thanks for including me! As a long time supporter, I am thrilled that you’re bulking up your CRM capabilities. Here are a few initial comments from me/my team that is using as our CRM.

(1) Leaders need to be able to assign tasks to their teams’/peers.
(2) We have to manually kick back the time an activity happens (by a few moments) for it to log as “done” or bear the burden of circling back and marking it done in activities or my week. Need a solution to easily handle at the time of logging to reduce steps and thus human error.
(3) Would like to have separate activities and activity boards for separate divisions.
(4) Need a solution to set future activities
(5) Need to be able to tag teammates in communihub to call their attention to an activity.
(6) Need to be able to attach documents to communihub activities
(7) Need attachments send through to not be links but actual attachments.
(8) Looking for a capability (like most competitors) that when you log in to the CRM it has you log emails to deals and contacts. Right now, deal bleed with similar stakeholders is causing clutter and making it tough to get to the necessary content.
(9) Need pulse ID’s to automatically be integrated in to the @neverlog
(10) Need to be able to add entire URLs to @neverlog
(11) Better visibility of where activities originated from in my week. They all funnel from the activities board but need to know the root of what pushed it to the activities board.
(12) Need the ability to tag multiple external stakeholders to the same action
(13) Need the ability to tag multiple internal team members to the same activity

We launched as our CRM last week, I am sure as we navigate the next 30 days, our wish list will evolve.


To clarify in #10 should read domains not URLs. Sorry!

Hey there Andrea,

Thank you so much for this feedback, and sorry for the delay!

This is all extremely helpful to us, and appreciate the time taken to let us know your thoughts.

All your feedback was really clear, and some of it is already in the works! ( stay tuned for some awesome updates)
I would love clarification on point (12) - can you clarify here where you would like these external stakeholders to be tagged?


Happy to. Our team uses a custom built solution (within the parameters of to track outreach activity at certain points in our acquisitions. Right now, if we are on the phone with two or three or ten representatives of the seller of the asset, we either have to note that call 10x – which indicates as 10 phone calls. In competing CRMs you can set up “deals” and determine which contacts are part of that deal and then have the call notes flow through to all of them – as one phone call.

More directly, I would love a way to ID additional contacts that have attended an outreach initiative and have the contents of that email/call notes/meeting notes show up on all of them.