Allow recipe management at administrator level

We had a big problem with the Outlook integration breaking across several boards and we as admins had no control or overview of the integrations and automations failing across boards. This resulted in nearly two months of frustrations and time wasting due to the time this happened (a week before Christmas).

As we admins do not have access to all boards on the account it would be a great improvement if we could have an overview of all integrations/automations activity so if something like this was to happen again we could go and check status of all boards integrations/automations activity and notify board owners of the issue and offer our assistance if needed.

A super user access that has access to all boards would be great but at least this would allow us to service our teams and make sure they get notified if there are any issues. And even with a super user access this would be great to have access to under the admin section for quick overview.

Thank you
Lind regards