Automations and integrations being linked to the user who created them

Hi, we would like to make a suggestion regarding board automations and integrations. Would it be possible to have them not being linked/belonging to the user who created them, but instead to the board they are in?
Recently we had an issue with all our board automations not working at once, due to the deactivation of the Monday account of the user who created them. Additionally, due to the same reason, we cannot make any changes or additions to our Github integration. There is, of course, a workaround, but as long as those automations are somehow linked to their creators instead of the board, we will continue to have the same issue every time a creator’s account is deactivated.

I would just like to support this suggestion as our team would find it extremely useful as well - just last week, almost all our automations have been switched off due to the their owner’s account deactivation. Switching off the automations once the owners’ status changed would make sense if they created these automations in their private workspace for some personal purposes, but that’s not the case. These automations have been created for the company’s needs, there’s hundreds of people who use this workspace, including the top management, and it’s important for it to work correctly at all times. It just isn’t right that a service that’s being used by a huge organization can be this easily interrupted by someone’s changed status.
There also was no notification about this neither to the admins, nor to the workspace owners, which was extremely frustrating since the automations were off for a few days and nobody knew. It would be awesome if this would be considered for the future updates.
Hope the product team takes these suggestions into consideration :slight_smile:

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I’m at my limit for votes right now, and once I get a chance to vote more again, but damn yeah. This is a huge impact if this is the case. When it comes to the Integrations, it somewhat makes sense because of needing the integration access to whatever other service (like JIRA) but still, having one person leave and then cripple a workspace is crazy.