Automation stop working when creator is removed from board

When a person creates automation on a board they stop working when this person is removed from the board. We had the situation on couple of boards. Workaround is that when we remove automation creator from the bard, one of the board subscribers redo the automations and deletes the old ones, but for some boards it may take time. We need sometimes one team member to assist us to create a board and all automations on it but not to have further access to it, also people might leave at some point, and what will happen with automations they’ve set? Is there an elegant solution for this?


Has this been addressed? This seems to be a flaw, as when someone leaves, their automations should remain. It seems inefficient and ineffective to have to recreate these automations.

I just ran into this issue. It appears to be that is an issue even if you are just removed from the board.

I’m surprised that I haven’t run into this before. I create most of the integrations and automations for our account. Freaking out a bit!

Hey @uhaj, @swilkbrooks, and @Jcorrell, this is something we’re working on, and definitely agree that automations should stay even if someone leaves an account or board! At the moment, the best way to change it is to write in to us at and ask us to transfer the ownership of automations from one person to another on the back end.