Transfer ownership of integrations before deleting a user

When you delete a user, all their integrations are automatically disabled.
It would be necessary either:

  • be able to change their owner (as for automations)
  • have a precise record of the integrations of each user to allow access to them 1 by 1 to recreate them before deleting the owner

This does bring up the value, especially in larger accounts, of using a service account. This would be a license dedicated to creating automations and integrations - that can persist through staff changes (just change the password!). Not a free solution, but if you have hundreds of users, hundreds of boards with complex workflow - this is the best bet to avoid disruptions in service.

The best solution is what @codyfrisch described here, have a dedicated account for automations and integrations. In the October update a new feature is mentioned to transfer ownership of integrations when deleting a user. Brand new - I did not test it yet - but it looks promissing.

A few things about the new transfer of integration ownerships I have gathered from the announcement and documentation.

  1. It transfers ownership but disables the integration pending the new owner reauthenticating with the external service.
  2. It doesn’t support custom automations. These must all be recreated anew.
  3. You must still manually go to every recipe.
  4. There is no list of all the recipes in question, unless you’re enterprise then your customer success manager has a way to find them all aparently.

Thank you for the update @codyfrisch

Makes sense to me, you don’t want to authenticate to an external services as the deleted user.

Is that where an integration feature (trigger or action block) presents itself as a custom automation block?

Correct - custom recipes that use integration blocks as actions or triggers will need to be recreated from scratch.

All more reasons to maintain a service account if you’ve built complex workflows. (and make sure the other admins on the account know you created it and how to handle it… so if you abruptly leave they don’t deactivate and then fully delete the account immediately. Yeah seen that happen.)

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