Gmail integration does not work: error

A former user made the integrations on different boards. That user is no longer working in Monday. However, now nobody else can make integrations with our gmail-accounts. See printscreen. This is a real big problem for us because these accounts are our business accounts and now we cannot use them because one user does not work with us anymore and that account is deleted. Is there any way to work around it? At this point we cannot use Monday anymore.

Hi @Tamara

I noticed that there is a new feature (as of today) to transfer ownership for automations. It can be found under avatar>admin>user>automations ownership

Does that help in your case?

Hi @basdebruin,
No unfortunantly; I found that and works. But that is for automations not for integrations.
Thanks anyway!

Hey @Tamara,

Thanks for posting about this! To follow-up on what @basdebruin said, it is possible to transfer ownership for automations, but not for integrations.

Because we have different authorization procedures for each native integration, the owner can’t be transferred. That being said, if you write into, we’d be happy to help you get the integrations set up again the way you’d like them!

I have been having the same problem with regards to Integrations when the employee who originally created them was no longer there. This has been going on for over two months now, as I have been going back and forth with support and they in turn have been trying to get a solution through their developers. I have tried everything they suggested but still no solution in sight. The last thing they had me do is remove every single integration that was originally created by that employee. I spent an entire day in hopes that I would FINALLY see the problem go away. But NOPE! Still the same issue, same error, yet another email to support and back to sitting and waiting again. Insanely frustrating!!!

Hey @vmstudios, I’m sorry this has been such a frustrating experience and I definitely want to see what I can do to help! If you feel comfortable, feel free to DM me your email address and I will escalate this issue if possible.

Hi Talia,

My email is

Thanks @vmstudios! I just sent you an email.