Transfer Integrations Ownership

Is there a way to transfer integration ownership?

Today, I realized that all the integrations created by a deactivated user don’t work anymore. I didn’t get a notification, and now the support team has told me the only solution would be to create all of them from scratch. The problem is that I don’t know what integrations stopped working from which boards, and I cannot edit them either.

I can create the ones I saw, but this is not convenient for the company because every time someone leaves the company, all the integrations created by that user will stop working, and we can’t edit them until we make them again.

I would appreciate it if someone knew what I could do or if the product team could update us when you can take a look at this.



hI @AnaTames

Welcome to the community! Not the best start with this experience I’m afraid. Although I can’t help you with the current situation a tip for the future and everybody else reading this:

Best thing to do is to create a user (let’s call her/him “Integration Owner”) and give the user the email of a real person. Make that user owner of the boards where you want to add integrations (or make the user an admin) and let that user add the integrations to the board. Now when the person leaves the company, just change the email address to the new person responsible for the monday integrations.

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