Am I on a trial plan or a free plan or something else?

I’ve recently signed up to Monday and very much in the ‘testing everything out’ phase.

I’m not actually sure if I am currently on a trial of a paid plan or a free plan or what though.

It will take me several weeks, maybe even a few months to spare the necessary time to see if everything would work for our agency’s workflow etc so I am not sure if I will lose any features and functionality if I am on a trial plan.

Basically, how exactly can I find out? I signed up in the last few days.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @zigojacko - you are likely just on the free trail as of right now. You can double check this by going to your settings > Admin > Billing. This will tell you what plan you are on.

As for the trial, monday is pretty good at extending these trial periods if needed and you should have received a message from an account rep when you signed up. Just reply to them asking for an extension. Additionally, you will likely get an option to extend automatically when it is coming due.

Also, you could consider signing up with a partner (free of charge) to help you navigate these waters and assist you with ensuring the the functionality of monday will meet your needs. If you would like to learn more about this, feel free to DM me here or shoot me a message at


Thanks Mark.

Just checked and yes, I am on a Free Pro trial for another 12 days.

I’m unsure what I lose access to when the trial runs out so I guess I am unsure really whether I will require an extension to this or not (one would assume so).

I think we’ve got until March 2022 until our current project management subscription is up for renewal so I’ve basically got until the end of this year (approx) to try and have workflows for every part of our business in place and a decision made that we will definitely make the jump long before really. It probably is something I’m going to need quite a lot of help with (we’re a full service digital agency).

No problem @zigojacko.

While monday is quite flexible on extending trials, months at a time would likely be a bit of a stretch. I would keep validating your flows, etc and keep extending your trail as long as you can but try to make the decision as quickly as possible if monday will work for you.

Keep in mind, that if your trial does expire, all of your objects will eventually be deleted.

We would be more than happy to help you validate your workflows and processes to ensure its a good fit along with helping with the implementation if/when needed.

Feel free to reach out any time!

Okay thanks for the info Mark.

Do you happen to have any experience of digital agencies using

I’ve looked at some of the templates but not really found anything ideal for us so trying to build them from scratch which is quite time consuming… (more-so because I am completely new to the system) :joy:

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Hi @zigojacko - yes, we do! We are actually working with a large Digital Marketing company at the moment for a CRM and Project Management and Estimating solution within monday.

As for the templates, they can work as an excellent starting point in some cases however will always require some level of customization to fit your business workflows.

Happy to help wherever we can.


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We’ve used almost every other cloud system you can imagine but man… i must tell, Monday is something else. Whatever you are trying to achieve, there’s a way in Monday, just give it a try. :wink:

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Amazing. I am trying to figure out how to message you on here but can’t see how :joy:

I will get in touch for a chat, it would be good to work with someone on setting up an environment for our case.

@mark.anley I received a notification this morning from Monday saying I am half way through my trial (so 7 days left) and I would be really keen to have a chat with you about help with ways we can set up our workflow for our agency but I am unsure how to contact you - please could you let me know? Thanks in advance.

@mark.anley I’ve just figured out how to message you on here now so you should see a message in your inbox from me. :+1:

Hey @zigojacko :wave:

I see that you’ve gotten help from @mark.anley throughout the thread – I’m glad you were able to find the answers you needed!

We also have these helpful articles that will explain more about our free trials:

Our Support team is also available 24/7 to help with any future questions or issues you might have if you decided to join the family!


I gave up with Getting any support proved too difficult.

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