Announcing the Monday Man YouTube Channel

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to announce the opening of our new Youtube channel: The Monday Man - YouTube

I just posted our first video. This one is about how to connect Integromat to monday.

We will be posting on a regular basis with videos containing quick tips, marketplace app overviews, detailed how-to’s, and insights on the latest monday releases.

This was WAY harder than we thought it would be. I consider myself an expert on monday, Integromat, formulas, Excel, integrations, etc… doing YouTube videos… well, a just bit outside. So, we will be focussing on the content. Learning YouTube as we go. Getting better sound, doing links,…

Hopefully, you will all find them informative and useful… and maybe even a little bit fun.

If there is anything in particular that you would like us to do a video on, please leave it in the comments on the videos.

Jim - The Monday Man


Subscribed! Very excited about this!!!

Congrats @JCorrell ! It is a huge amount of work to be a YouTube Creator, so big kudos for taking that first step. You have a ton of great knowledge to share, looking forward to sharing your channel with our clients.

how to write formulas - starting with the basics

Awesome to see and love the name!

Could you unpack the Emails and Activities app? There are so many automations that go with the app. It looks really powerful but I’m struggling to get my head around it.

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Thank you Jim ! Subscribed for sure :partying_face:

Good luck with this Youtube adventure, Jim! Thanks for all your hard work :pray:

@JCorrell CONGRATS! Excited for you… and for everyone, Jim is a super nice and helpful guy, we can all learn something from him for sure… excited to get a refresher in the basics!!!

Thanks for all the encouraging words!

I’m making every effort to use my powers for good!

Jim - The Monday Man

We just posted our latest video on monday formulas: monday Formulas - Part 3: Dates/Times, Strings and Status

The fourth (and probably final) video about monday formulas will be posting soon. It will give the details on some of the SECRET (undocumented) functions that are available to use in the formula column. I’m sure not everyone gets as excited about a good formula as I do… But, I am also sure that if you use monday formulas at all, some of these functions will knock your socks off! (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

Jim - Subscribe to The Monday Man
Watch Our Latest Video: monday Formulas - Part 3: Dates/Times, Strings and Status