Annual Goal using financial year

Is there any way to use the goal widget as an annual FY target? I would love to have a subset under the values pulled from the table with the current level it should be at. IE if we are not at the dollar value at day 120 of the FY the graph begins to show red.

Hello @TomatoPotato ,

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The Goal widget is still in beta, and does not yet provide that level of customization yet.

What you can do is use the general filter view , with the requirement that your monetary goals/achievements also have a date column related to them.

Still , I believe you are not able to change the colours.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hi Giannis,
Thanks for the response. That will work for the date range, am I able to put a request in for that function for community vote?

You certainly can!

Hi there! I tried to use a filter for the goals widget but it seems like that does not work. The filters are not applied to the goals widget. Is that being worked on? Thanks!


I tested a filter on the goals and it seems to be working for me, I would suggest retrying :slight_smile:

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Oh that’s weird, it still isn’t working in my case. I tried to safe the filter on the widget itself as well as adding a filter on board level. Still nothing.

I would suggest contacting monday support in this case.