Issue: Goals widget by date

I am using the widget “goals” from monday, with the X line by dates of commissions. But it filter by increase: the month with the most commissions goes in 1st, etc. But I want it just to be “january, february” etc, whatever the commissions are.

Do you have any idea?

Many thanks !

Hey @hugoroasted

Can you show us your board ? I tried, Monday displays my dates by month, without considering the amount of commissions.

Be sure to use a Date column, and check theses values :

Best regards,

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Hello Léandre,

Here is the board (in red the culumn I ask to use for the dates)

And the setup in the widget:


Ok @Leandre_R found it thanks to you!
In “plus de parametres” I was in “Y croissant”, it has to be “X croissant”


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